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“For years, people have asked me, "Iyanla, what do you do to keep yourself balanced and sane? How do you keep your life moving forward?" I tell them that I pray and trust God. That is true but, it is not the whole truth. What I do more than anything else is work on myself and with myself. This means that I use various spiritual practices and techniques to address and eliminate my human frailties and weaknesses. When I think about how painful and stagnant my life was and how peaceful and joy-filled it is today, I realize that I have been doing myself and the world a disservice by not being more authentic about how I have healed and changed my mind. For this reason, I am writing you about the Theta Healing Process.

The Theta Process is a simple, no-nonsense, conscious meditation process that allows you to access the information held in your subconscious mind. This is the information that impacts and determines our state of health, wealth, joy and loving. In the Theta brain state you have access to this information (beliefs, programming, emotions, conditioning) and the ability to eliminate or replace it with self-loving, self-supportive information. The Theta Healing Process is a gentle, conscious meditative process that gives you access to your deepest mental and emotional landscape enabling you to FINALLY make the changes required and desired in order to move your life in a powerful and positive direction.

We live in a time when we are each being called to take on greater responsibility for our personal healing, growth and evolution. We can no longer afford to hold ourselves out as victims of our circumstances or hostages of our environment. Any and every experience in our lives is there because the energy of our minds invites it to be there. No matter how challenging, disturbing or disruptive, if it is in your life, you have issued an invitation by thought and/or emotion. This then, is my invitation for you to take dominion and consciously choose who and what you invite into your life. The Theta Healing Process is a ticket for a first class ride to personal and professional fulfillment.  

      Consider this . . . how much is it costing you to stay where you  are in life? Can you really afford to keeping giving your life away to things you "do not" desire?  

      Why not . . . try something you haven't done before? “

Iyanla Vanzant

“Just wanted you to know that I feel great!  Very peaceful and very clear.  I am grateful and amazed.  Also, would like to set up an appointment for next Monday or Wednesday, 3 or 4 pm your time to work through another issue if that is possible.

Again thank you so much for the amazing gift you offer us in the world.”

Blessings!    Iyanla Vanzant

“HOLY !!!  Where do I even begin???  When Iyanla Vanzant referred me to you, I never could have imagined where Theta Healing (TM) would  take me.  I've had the blessing of Suzie in my life the last two and a half years as my Theta Healer, as well as the privilege of her as my teacher to become a Theta Healer (TM) myself.

As for the life-altering results that I have personally had with Suzie and Theta Healing (TM), I would need the rest of her website space to even begin to share them all with you, as the benefits just keep coming and coming.  I can say that I have come further in my Journey of Self with Theta (TM) than with any other modality of healing--Theta(TM) ROCKS !!  I have never been so TOTALLY STOKED about life !!  The best benefit for me tho' has been my transition into loving and becoming "simply me", and knowing that being simply myself is my J.O.B.--my true Joy Of Being, and what it looks like for my life to reflect that in every aspect.

I cannot speak highly enough of Suzie and her compassion and ethics as a Theta Healer. (TM)  As someone who was once diagnosed as 100% fully and functionally disabled, I can say that Theta Healing has made me whole again, and my connection to myself and Creator and All That Is is deeper and more fulfilling than ever.  I've made nearly a full recovery that would not have been possible without Suzie.  Her gifts and heartfull-ness literally saved my life.  Utterly phenomenal.  Anyone with Suzie in their life is truly fortunate.

It's an honour to know you, Suzie.  Much <3, and thanx from my critters as well  >^.^<

Always walk and dream in peace"

Denise Loughran  AZ

“You were spot on on Sunday. We did some powerful work.

My whole demeanor, outlook and experience of life is improved for the better. More energy, seeing possibilities and overall just knowing all is well.”

CB, Washington DC

“A few months ago I contacted Suzie because despite working with several respected and experienced Theta Healers there were a few issue we had not been able to "crack".

I have taken several personal sessions with Suzie. What is exceptional about all my sessions with Suzie is that after each session there was a noticeable difference in the areas we were working on immediately or the next day. Either the issues were gone and/ or my thoughts, feelings and actions started shifting automatically and concretely in life.

Suzie delivers results consistently. I feel so much more clear, happy, confident and centered. I feel free from so many shackles of the past

Her intuition and the information she receives from Creator  is incredibly accurate. Working with Suzie is like having your personal trainer.

I always experience her as being my complete partner. She is fast and like a dog with a bone - she doesn't give up until we get to the true bottom of the issue and I can experience a shift.      She is supportive, down to earth, positive and fun to work with.

Give yourself the gift of Suzie!  In additional to the personal sessions, I recommend the Chakra Balancing package

Thank You Suzie for making a such a tangible difference in my life”

With Gratitude

 SR, Canada

“I wanted to let you know that I have had several amazing health improvements since our session.  I was seeing a chiropractor for undefined neck stiffness and pain in my lower back.  Both have disappeared!  My chiropractor uses muscle testing to find weaknesses and I tested totally normal.  The neck issue had been persistent for years. I also feel a lot more vibrant and alive.  Thanks!”


“An amazing thing has happened since you cleared my space of wayward spirits.  My utility bills keep going down, despite increased usage.    WONDERFUL!!   My last bill was one-fourth what I usually paid before the clearing.  I could not believe it!  I knew waywards can drain one’s spiritual energy, but I didn’t know they could also use up the electrical energy in one’s home.  We learn more every day.  Thanks again, Suzie.  YOU DO WONDERFUL WORK.”

LB, Tennessee

“…when I woke up, I thought, this is how it feels to wake up feeling loved, it felt good to be alive, for the first time, I understood how i have never felt this way…”

MW, San Jose, CA

“Thank you for last night's healing session.  I noticed that my right knee is now almost 100% healed.  Removing the weight that I was carrying regarding my parent's relationship took a huge burden off my body.”

NB- Monterey CA

“I would like to thank you for a life changing experience you taught me to access within myself. I would also like to thanks Iyanla for having aired the show about you otherwise I wouldn’t have known about you. I just thought I should thank you and send you my love…”

EN, Africa

“just another update suzie...

firmed up the deal with the designer i told you about so that is great. also, got an email today from a gallery i had emailed a year ago - they want to give me a show this summer AND they are interested in showing the clothing collaboration with the designer!

thank you so much for helping me clear my life to make room for all this abundance!”

EE,  New Jersey

“I started getting back to work doing what I need to do instead of crying all the time and feeling sorry for myself. I no longer feel in a dangerous place!”

JB, Sacramento, CA

“Don’t know if you remember me but I needed to let you know that the exchange you did for me at the ROTA Fair in Monterey was wonderful!! I believe it gave the kick start in my healing process I know would not have been uncovered without your help. So, I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful healing work and wish you much success and abundance in your healing work.”

AB Walnut Creek CA

“What an amazing journey I have been on since our theta session.  I don’t even know where to start.  

Since our call ended, I have zero desire for sugar.  Now that is truly amazing to me.  I found myself buying boxes of cookies and eating the whole box.  No matter how full I was, I still wanted chocolate or sweet.  Equally as astounding was that when I got up this morning, I could hardly wait to finish my sadhana so I could go exercise.  Now I avoid the “E” word as though it is a dreaded disease.  AND I took Ben (dog) to work today and during the day we went on six walks over to the park and around in the park.  My usual behavior is to to go work and sit at my desk for eight hours without a break, other than a five minute walk to the post office.  This is unheard of behavior.

I have had no pain at all in my back, even sitting at my computer today.  I stood with my back against the wall in my bathroom, and I could turn my head from side to side until my ear touched the wall.   No big deal for most people, but for someone who could barely turn their head  – AMAZING!!!  My back was adjusting itself for several hours last night after the session ended, and my neck was doing it this morning.    The muscles feel sore, I could use a deep massage.  It must be from the years of being tense and knotted up.  I slept straight through last night, and usually I would wake up frequently in the night because my neck was sore and uncomfortable.  

There is still a profound sense of spaciousness and freedom in my heart chakra.  Maybe comfort is a good description.  I feel more comfortable in my heart.

In case I didn’t say it yesterday – THANK YOU!!!!!!!  “

AI Shelter Bay WA

“I know it’s only been a week but it’s been an amazing week.......After our session, I had such a burst of energy.  I actually cooked a whole week’s worth of food.  I can’t remember the last time I did that.”

BS, Brooklyn NY

“Thank you!!!!!!   I now remember who I am.”

LB Tennessee

“. .. I carried around a significant subconscious feeling of lack, fear, and doubt in my stomach.  I chose to ignore it most of the time, but it was always there.  I am happy to report that after my theta healing session with Suzie, it is gone.  That sense of fear, doubt, and lack that was inside of my stomach and subconscious mind has just vanished.  Its funny because I keep checking myself to see if it is there, but its not.  I laugh because I now so happy that I am no longer carrying it forward.  I now feel completely free to pursue my big dreams and goals effortlessly.  I know I will have everything my heart desires.  I have Suzie to thank for this, and I highly recommend her theta healing to anyone that is doing what it takes to move forward, but still feels stuck in some not obvious way.”

ZT, Saginaw, MI USA

“Before I met Suzie, I had been battling severe depression. I found out the root cause of my trouble, and there is so much more space in my head and body! I feel amazing. The quality of my life is so much more rich. “

EG Santa Cruz CA

“Still feeling calm and balanced after our session Friday. THANK YOU!!!!!! YOU ARE A GIFT GIFT GIFT!!!!!!!”

TL, Carmel, CA

“This chakra clearing program with Suzie is phenomenal.  I‘m a healer as well, and the insight and information I discovered about myself as we went through each chakra in great detail was surprising at times, enlightening and very liberating.  As Suzie was working on me I could feel things changing on all levels, instantly, as beliefs, blocks, shocks and traumas that I had no idea I had, were cleared and released.   

Some of the results for me have been; my hormones are more in balance, I’m sleeping through the night, things are falling into place in my life with more grace and ease.  I have a much greater inner knowing. All my intuitive senses are greatly heightened.  I’m more at peace, feel a greater connection to the Creator of All that Is, and I feel like a totally different person.  It is amazing, and truly life changing.  I recommend it whole heartedly. Thank you Suzie.”

With Much Love and Gratitude,”

Linda Reichert Santa Barbara CA USA

"Suzie is an amazingly intuitive and gifted healer. She has the capacity to quickly zone in on what needs to be healed at the very deepest level. After a session with Suzie, I felt totally and completely liberated, light and free. It was a life altering experience and I am starting life anew with an open heart and the ability to make my dreams come true."

CM, Aptos, CA

“I have had the opportunity to work with Suzie Donahue on a number of occasions and each time I walk away feeling lighter and more prepared for the life that is in front of me. She has the ability to gently guide me through my deepest fears and beliefs, help me to release them, and emerge on the other the side feeling free and happy.  I know I will continue to work with Suzie whenever I am feeling blocked.  I am so thankful to have found her at this time in my life.  I truly believe that I would not have been able to move forward in my new profession as quickly as I have if it were not for my sessions with Suzie. “

KG San Jose CA

 “I am so grateful for having found you and for the incredible difference you have made in my life. Thank You!!! I am a different person”

SR, Ontario

“Wanted to share with you that I'm feeling better after our appointment. I immediately felt more "with it" just like myself and so much lighter. I've felt more of a sense of peace and truly feel joy in my heart on a daily basis.

I would like to make another appointment to work on money issues. It's been a big issue all my life and I could use some help now more than ever.

Thank you Suzie”

SV, Tracy CA

Learning Theta - and not just learning Theta but learning from you specifically has brought me to life finally. Sounds so dramatic and it is - dramatically beautiful. I know a few others who learned Theta and took several or even all the courses from other teachers without getting to where I am now, if I may speak frankly. I feel like the things I can do now, and (others you have taught) I am amazed by them, and by myself, every day. I look forward to seeing where this all goes :) I appreciate your humility as a teacher and your pure intent of making us truly independent. It is so easy to get dependent on a teacher. I loved the statement you once made that you want your students to be even "better""at this than yourself :)”

MT Denmark

“Wow, I'm still blissed out from the downloads.  As you were doing them I saw this whole cosmic universe all around me, and I was in the center of it, not as a solid, but as energy and it was a part of me as I was a part of it.  All molecules, colors, energy, light, oneness, all working together, flowing.  I also saw faces come up and then leave.  I had so many of those beliefs there is no way I would have found them on my own.  


LR Santa Barbara CA

“Working with you, Suzie, is absolutely target-sensitive, and instantaneously effective!  Mere words cannot convey the appreciation and profound gratitude that I hold in my Heart for you and the work that we do.  I see changes all around me in everything I do and in my interactions!  It is all quite elegant and flowing.  No major alterations.  I am and that is all, I just am.  In many ways it truly feels that the ego has a much less significant role to play and it understands that it is safe and that it is okay!!  My son invited me to brunch yesterday and to have some ‘hang time’ together and it (again) was like the previous time that he and I shared after we did that clearing of obligations.  I love, love, love the total freedom and acceptance that I feel in every pore of my being physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. “

CO, Broken Arrow, OK

“If you have any kind of pain at all book a theta healing session with Suzie Donahue. In the last 10 min of our call she worked on my low back and cleared an ancestoral obligation to hold emotions in my sacrum. And guess what? The pain is totally gone. That's at least 2 years of pain cleared in 10 minutes!”

 Z.H. Ontario


Beautiful New Morning Suzie~

I was awakened at 2:00 a.m. this morning with flaring up itching burning hives, after awhile of asking ''It'' the words Purpose, Worthy, and Trust, and then I fell back to sleep. Most important, is that the hives/welts are 50 % gone,so I am Rejoicing in Gratitude. My heart and body has not felt so much love from God Creator and lightness in quite a while. Thank You.


Oh, I slept like a baby, and the Hives are 95 % this morning. Deep gratitude for you being that conduit from Direct Source. I Truly feel Alive Again. Have a Magnificent Day In The Highest Of All That Is, In and Of Greatness.

Love Is All There Is, Always Has Been, Always Will Be. Thank You!!

D.Harden MO.

“Still feeling calm and balanced after our session Friday. THANK YOU!!!!!! YOU ARE A GIFT GIFT GIFT!!!!!!!”

TL, Carmel, CA

“Thank you for last night's healing session.  I noticed that my right knee is now almost 100% healed.  Removing the weight that I was carrying regarding my parent's relationship took a huge burden off my body.”

NB- Monterey CA

“I wanted to let you know that I have had several amazing health improvements since our session.  I was seeing a chiropractor for undefined neck stiffness and pain in my lower back.  Both have disappeared!  My chiropractor uses muscle testing to find weaknesses and I tested totally normal.  The neck issue had been persistent for years. I also feel a lot more vibrant and alive.  Thanks!”


“I started getting back to work doing what I need to do instead of crying all the time and feeling sorry for myself. I no longer feel in a dangerous place!”

JB, Sacramento,

"Just a brief note of thanks for your recent broadcast/archive wave file on the Subconscious Mind. You have created a wonderful blueprint of how to view/perceive the world and how to effectively interact within it to achieve optimum results.

I am continuing to study your other radio broadcasts [one a day or so] and absorbing the information/material.”

C.O., Broken Arrow OK

“I feel really amazing since our last session. I'm actually getting glimpses of feelings that I had so long ago that we're really positive. I think your right, I have been in fear mode I think my whole life. I am really hopeful with theta that I can become whole and healthy, but the most important is just channeling love for myself and others. Love feels so good. I can't believe how I forgot this feeling. I just can't wait to clear  this negativity and darkness. So thank you so much! Was wondering when your next weekend appt would be”


“Wow, nice work on your show. You choose excellent content, so I just thought I'd say how much I love catching the replays. You are the coolest! I'm recalling the Joan of Ancestry. Too many pearls of wisdom to mention. You are very much loved & appreciated around here.”

Keep up the great work”

T, Chicago

It's been a very interesting few weeks since my appointment with you.  I'm not clenching my jaw anymore.  The pain in my face from that is gone.  I'm not so hyper vigilant about snakes when I go outside.  I can walk through the grass and NOT be scanning in front of me all the time.  Yea!

JG, Chicago


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