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The key to your power  is your connection to the energy that intertwines and binds all things in existence

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All artwork used by permission from Paul Heussenstamm

All art work used courtesy of  Paul Heussenstamm   

All art work used courtesy of  Paul Heussenstamm   

All art work used courtesy of  Paul Heussenstamm   

Weight Release Program

Prerequisite: Basic and Advanced DNA

Included: Weight Liberation manual

Duration: 4 hours

This Brand New Weight Revolution Class directly addresses beliefs relating to strength and excess weight. Why we hold on to it and how to release it. Learn a brand new technique that Vianna Stibal created to motivate you to exercise and still release weight and or build strength even when you are to busy and or traveling. We will implement important practice...s that were vital in Vianna's journey in releasing pounds and building muscle in the highest and best way.

In this class you will :

-Clear beliefs relating to over eating, self esteem, food,              exercise. body image, fears of being slender, strong and          beautiful.

-Learn what supplements are ideal in releasing excess weight,           building muscle and maintaining a balanced body.

-Receive downloads that create a balanced body.

In completion of this class you will receive a Weight Revolution Class Certificate

Total Cost of Class is $150.00 There is a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 and the class cost is $100.00. pre- registration is required.


Basic DNA

Learn the basics of ThetaHealing®. This course will show you how to connect to the energy that entwines and binds all things in existence and shows you how to talk to your spirit guides and angels.

Advanced DNA

Learn more advanced ways of using the energy of all that is. You also get a series of downloads that will make your life easier.

Manifesting and Abundance

Work on blocks that may be preventing you from experiencing the the abundance that the universe is.


Vianna found a secret to a strong and healthy body. This allows for you to work out regardless of time and circumstances. You also work on common blocks that prevent weight loss.

World Relations

This class will resolve any genetic issues your ancestors may have had with other countries and religions.

Intuitive Anatomy

Learn to see with the inner eye clearly into the body. This class will clear you of deep programs that may be hidden. It is a prerequisite for your Masters certification in ThetaHealing®.


DNA 3 will show you how to move object with your mind, an easier and quicker way to heal using a technique of expansion, strengthen your ability to see with the inner eye and activate your Merkaba.

Disease and Disorder

This class you will learn about diseases and how to see them intuitively. All fears associated to such diseases are cleared so you are able to work and be effective with diseases of the body.

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