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Mastering Thought

By Suzie Donahue Heilo

Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second and thoughts virtually travel in no time. Thoughts are so powerful that they take no time to travel yet they have affected everything on this planet.

Your mind is like a wireless transmitter. A thought of peace and harmony gets transmitted into the world and travels with lightning speed in all directions and enter the minds of others and produce a consequence of harmony and peace in others.

Thoughts are contagious. When you are unable to be aware and master thought, you have no choice but to be a slave. Even if that thought was projected on to you by another, you will be attached to that thought and then go into judgment and thus controlled.

Mastering thoughts is imperative for self mastery and for freedom. Make no mistake, we citizens on this planet are at war for our freedom. Our only option is to take our God selves back and remember who we are, what we are. The power our consciousness holds.

Unconsciously we all take on projected thoughts and in accordance with our individual capacity of understanding we resonate and send out similar thoughts. The result is - without your conscious knowledge of the consequences of your own thoughts, you will be setting in motion great forces which will work together to create peace and harmony or add to the wicked in the world.

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The Unconscious Need for Failure

By Suzie Donahue Heilo

  The threat of failure is an evolutionary driver that has been used to motivate us forward since time began. It motivated our ancestors into developing higher functioning biology such as a cerebral cortex. This gave us higher consciousness, a profound expression of creativity and an aware expression of the divine. 

 Today many of us are still motivated to evolve because of a fear of failure. Many of us have become dependent upon failure. We have a love hate relationship with this energy. We all say we hate failure and yet we are constantly dancing with it. Be it in relationships, or in the work place or even through attempts to make resolutions we live with that constant fear of failure.

 Failure is an irruption into nothingness and gives us the sudden reminder of the fragility of our beingness. It is in this moment that the fear of failure becomes a blessing in disguise. This lurking, constant threat tends to keep us humble.

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"Many intuitives create walls of protection because they don't want to feel all the wild energy in a room, or in the world. When they do this they aren't seeing the truth, because it is filtered by the defense shields that they have created. But if you shine your energy out, then nothing can touch you. If you radiate the Creator's energy, you can change any energy. You will be totally protected by God and nothing will be offensive to you"    . Vianna Stibal